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Simply Joyful Podcast with Kristi Clover | Encouragement for your Faith and Family

The podcast that encourages and inspires you to find simple ways to bring more joy into your day. Whether you are looking for a little encouragement in your faith, family, home, homeschooling (if you do) -- or just life -- then this is the podcast for you! Let's get real and talk about the challenges that we face as women in our day-to-day lives. My guests and I will discuss practical tips and "hacks" about how to find harmony in relationships, order in your home, and how to add a little good ol' fun to your week. My prayer is that this podcast will bless you and add a smile to your face (even if it causes a few new wrinkles) -- and to hopefully help you "Live Simply" and "Be Joyful.”

Dec 11, 2017

Episode #043 with Alexandra Kuykendall
Contentment at Christmas: Letting Go of Our Holiday Expectations



Merry Christmas!

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Okay! Now onto this week's encouraging episode!

Today is all things Christmas! Alexandra Kuykendall is my guest on the show today and we're going to be talking a lot about Christmas —  including an experiment that she did in her home last Christmas. It was really interesting! She wrote a book all about it called Loving My Actual Christmas. Can I hear a little”Amen” out there? Too many times we look on social media and we start thinking, "Oh I wish we did this or that," when we really need to slow down and just enjoy this season for what it is. Even if you don't get to all the traditions that you want to, take time to savor this Christmas! I want to help you to give yourself permission this season to slow down. To pick one or two things, with your family, and enjoy this Christmas fully!

I can't wait for you to hear this episode with Alexandra—and Merry Christmas! 




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I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast! My prayer is always that you will be blessed and encouraged by each episode.

Live Simply. Be Joyful.



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Alexandra Kuykendall is the author of Loving My Actual Life and The Artist's Daughter, and the cohost The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast. A popular writer and speaker for moms around the country, she is a regular contributor to MOPS International's blog, conference, and curriculum. Alexandra has been featured on Good Morning America and Focus on the Family's daily broadcast. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, Derek, and their four daughters.

You can check out Alex's books HERE on Amazon! Be sure to visit her site as well at


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